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Jordan’s Furniture

I joined Jordan’s Furniture at an exciting time. They were embarking on a full-funnel site reimagination project and were looking to hire a user experience designer. Jordan’s has a long retail history in New England, but the pandemic required them to rethink their online strategy. Over the next year, I worked with their in-house marketing team and offshore development partner to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Jordan’s redesigned homepage.

Jordan’s had worked with an outside agency to study the retail furniture landscape and develop personas. They had also drafted a style guide and initial mockups for experiences like the homepage and product listing pages. These were a great starting point, but I quickly discovered that I'd need to expand on this work to create a modern, mobile-first responsive site.

To ensure the new site would be accessible and inclusive, I developed a revised color and typography style guide. The new color palette prioritized higher-contrast, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant color pairings, while fitting in with Jordan’s existing brand. On the typography side, I set a site-wide minimum font-size that worked well on both large desktop monitors and smartphones, and introduced a glyph font, to help promote visual hierarchy and a consistent iconography.

Product landing page redesign.

I translated the existing static mockups into a range of responsive breakpoints. This required me to wireframe dozens of pages, like the product display and product listing pages, at sizes ranging from 320 pts (iPhone SE) to 2560 pts (iMac Pro). This helped ensure that the site reflowed smoothly between breakpoints and will continue to work as new devices are introduced.

A large part of this process involved gathering analytics data. By studying usage information, I learned that Jordan’s customers preferred to browse on their phones and checkout on their desktops. I did a lot of research into this and concluded that the preexisting cart and checkout funnels were unintuitive and intimidating. I worked with Jordan’s in-house IS team to optimize both experiences, creating a frictionless customer flow.

Jordan’s previous cart experience.

I leaned on my experience as a front-end developer to answer questions that the team had, creating wireframes and motion studies to demonstrate expected behavior. I enjoyed working with both the in-house and offshore development teams. Jordan’s uses Agile development practices and I learned a tremendous amount about project management in the process. Creating and responding to JIRA tickets became a central part of my day. As we moved closer to user acceptance testing (UAT), I advised Jordan’s on responsive best practices, accessibility, and cross-browser testing. Over the next few months, we worked on optimizing the site, identifying bugs, and overcoming edge and corner cases.

I leaned on my experience as a senior graphic designer to gather and create assets. This included banner assets for over a hundred product listing pages and wrote marketing copy that was used across the site.

The new site launched February 2022, less than a year after kickoff. That morning, I was online to provide support to the development team. I can honestly say that day was one of the highlights of my career. Post-launch, we monitored the site using session replay software and a feedback and support email distribution list. There were no showstoppers and we continued to optimize over the next couple days. Two weeks later, we began the next sprint, introducing features and enhancements to the site that had been planned for a “phase two” release.

Jordan’s simplified checkout flow.

Like all modern websites, the Jordan’s site is a living project that continues to be updated regularly. Some of the highlights to come out of the site reimagination project included a decrease in drop-offs in checkout and significantly improved WCAG accessibility scores. I am so proud of the site reimagination project and the incredible teams that I worked with. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people using the experiences that I helped design.

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