Thank you for your interest in Taking Chances, The Real Life Game of Chance. Unfortunately, at this point Taking Chances is just a school project.

For more information about this project and other classes at Umass Dartmouth Click Here.

In the meantime, please check out my website at

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Taking Chances cured my rash!
–The New York Times

–The Wall Street Journal

–Our Mom

  • “It's Okay.” Our Mom
  • “Taking Chances makes its own gravy.” The New York Times
  • “Taking Chances cured my rash.” The Wall Street Journal
  • “Taking Chances caused my rash.” The Atlantic
  • “Aww, Cats.” Literally, Everyone
  • “We heard that there was gonna be free pizza for reviewers?” The Boston Globe
  • “Wait, will my parking slip be validated on the way out?” USA Today

Taking Chances Game

The original game in all its glory.

52 adorable, unique cards.

Amazing cat–filled goodness!

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Chances Stickers

2 sheets, 20 stickers total.

Stick them to your stuff.

Stick them to your friends.

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Catracha T-Shirt


Completely Recycled Materials.

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